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Data center et Best practice

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Improved Cabling Infrastructure 


New equipment investment?
Unmatched flexibility for physical infrastructure
Servers, storage and networking components are continuously evolving.

Cost and time can be cut with a flexible cable management system.

With EZ-Path, Fire-rated walls are  no longer issues.

Adding cables or just removing the existing ones , EZ-Path is a secure system : no trainning needed, easy  to perform without the use of tools.



No need to pop that floor tile!
Where other firestopping methods require acces to both side of the wall at every cable change.

With nothing to remove or replace the EZ-Path System allows remote cable pulls using a pulling line

This system is clean, no more dust nor debris in plenums!


Perfectly adapted to modular solutions and Data centers pods. EZ Path offers the flexibility for cable management without compremising security.


EZ-PATH® is a mechanical system which provides a fire rated pathway for Power and Data cabling

Always compliant with the fire-stopping regulation, EZ-Path is also FM Approved certified assembly. No needs for further opening or penetration through the fire resistive wall. Contractors and maintenance teams now have a simple and certified pathway to use, and no specific training required. 

In case of fire it has the right amount of intumescent material to stop fire and smoke whether it is 100 % filled or empty. At 180 C° the intumescent material will expend and fill the pathway and stop the fire.